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Our Mission, is simple. To rescue rabbits from abandonment, abuse, and neglect for rehabilitation and identify loving and caring forever homes.

My name is Jennifer Lowe, the owner and operator of Binky Bunny-Tales Rescue. This all started in the spring of 2016. I had 3 of my own personal bunnies that I rescued about a year before. I was in my backyard weeding my flower beds when my cat came walking up with a baby domesticated bunny.

Meet Phoebe!  She was found abandoned in Factoria around a strip mall.  Age is unknown.  She is a very nice girl a little shy but will warm up to you once trust is gained.  She would also do well with a friend and must be an indoor bunny.  
If you are interested in meeting Phoebe please fill out and application.


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Fun Facts!

Rabbits teeth constantly grow that is why they need hay available to them all the time.

I immediately ran to him which wasn't far and took the baby from him. She was only 3 to 4 weeks old. I looked her over and not a scratch or puncture. I thanked my cat for bringing her to me. I then got her inside, safe and snuggled up in a cage. The next day I went looking for her siblings. I found them and my husband and I gathered them up and brought them inside to be with their sister. These babies are now almost full grown and are looking for forever homes.


I decided at that time I was going to help bunnies any way I could. I am now on a mission to help these and other unwanted bunnies, get the care they need and the home they deserve. I have always loved and cared for rabbits. I hope we can help you find the perfect furry companion to add to your family.

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