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Healthy-Bunny Food List

To care for your rabbits you will need a list of the following items:

Unlimited Grass Hays - no Alfalfa unless bunny is a juvenile or prescribed by your vet.


Timothy Hay

Orchard Grass

Oat Hay


Unlimited Water    


VERY Limited rabbit pellets (about 1/4 cup depending on size)

Limited Treats

Fresh Vegetables & Herbs - Should be given daily

Romaine Lettuce

Leaf Lettuces (red and green)

Parsley (all types)





Kale (all types)

Bell pepper (red, orange & yellow)

Green beans

Spinach (all types)

Basil (all types)

Dandelion leaves

Mint (all types)




Carrot tops

Bok choy

Snow pea pods

Beet tops

Collard greens

Mustard greens

Chard (all types)



These Items are ABSOLUTE No-No's

Iceberg Lettuce

Any beans

Corn Kernels

Peas or Legumes

Avocado (too fatty)

Chocolate (toxic)

Dairy of Any Kind

Seeds or Nuts

Human cookies

Sugary cereal

Chips or Popcorn

Most Houseplants

How to House your Rabbit

There are three different ways to house your rabbit indoors.

X-Pens: They are multi-panel, metal or heavy plastic that can be folded up for storage or transport. They typically range from 24 inches to 48 inches high.

Cages/Condos: These are a bit more expensive, when picking out this type of housing, make sure your rabbit has enough room to move around and it can also hold it's essentials. (Litter box, waterer and food dish)

Custom Built: Or if your prefer, you might consider making your own bunny condo. Avoid using pressure treated wood or particle board. Rabbits like to chew and you want to avoid them ingesting the resins.

Health & Wellness


Before getting a new furry friend, you will need to find a good rabbit "exotic" vet. Rabbits are very delicate creatures and they need a vet who specializes in exotic animals, to be able to treat them properly. Rabbits are prey animals and hide their pain well. The first sign that a rabbit may be in pain, is he sits a bit upright and hunched over. He may pant or may click his teeth. It is always best to contact your vet if your notice these symptoms, because a rabbits health will rapidly decline. GI Stasis and Bloat are the most common rabbit ailments. If you are serious on becoming an owner, this is a strongly recommended topic that would benefit care, having this knowledge.

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